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Haishang Inverter Technology Co., Ltd.'s 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting was a complete success
Release time:2021-01-20      Number of hits:894

The golden pig resigns, and the rat is happy! Say goodbye to the unforgettable 2019 and usher in a brand new 2020.

On January 11, 2020, Haishang Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. will hold the 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting in Zhuhai Garden.

The annual meeting kicked off with the wonderful and sincere New Year's speech by the company’s general manager, Mr. Lu Lei. The general manager first made an objective and fair summary of the company’s development in 2019, and put forward the company’s future development ideas in 2020. In 2019, employees were commended and rewarded.

At this annual meeting, Hisun employees created and performed a variety of cultural and artistic programs, and the exciting activities made the whole evening show up again and again. The female compatriots of the company performed the Internet celebrity divine comedy "Horn in Daejeon", and the hot dance was even more exciting; the interactive games with employees were interspersed during the show and it was lively; 90 awards pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to the production department. Zhang Li's hands.


At the New Year's dinner, all employees toasted to celebrate the new year and wished that Hisun will have a better tomorrow.


The whole annual meeting ended in a harmonious, warm and joyful atmosphere, showing the full, upward, united and enterprising spirit of Haishang employees. Looking back on 2019, we work together, work hard, and harvest together; looking forward to 2020, we have the same goal and full of confidence, and we look forward to Haishang's future will be more brilliant.

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