Saturday, September 6, 2014

Luntz is a Dunce

Well, I'm back to spew more truth. As we gear up for another crappy election cycle, just remember that the junk you're hearing (and probably regurgitating on social media) is courtesy of a myriad of political consultants, not anything any candidate is capable of coming up with.

I realize in my last post, I left one big political consultant off my list of assholes, and that is Luntz Global:

These guys, led by Dr Frant Luntz, are responsible for turning the political dialog in this country into gridlock. Luntz is responsible for phrases like:

Death tax (replacing inheritance tax)
Opportunity scholarships (replacing vouchers)
Energy exploration (replacing drilling for oil)
Climate change (replacing global warming)
Government takeover (replacing healthcare reform)
Job creators (replacing corporations, especially where taxing them is concerned)

I could go on and on. He's also largely credited for the current gridlock in Washington. I know it's popular to blame Mitch McConnell, but Luntz is likely the one who put the bug in his ear, as I think we all know McConnell is incapable of original thought. Don't believe me? Have a read:

The dinner's really no secret, there are others who have come out with info on it. Do yourself a favor and spend an hour or so researching it.

So there you have it. Dr Frank Luntz represents a clear and present danger to this country, in my opinion. Combine that with voters who are too lazy and/or dumb to do anything but spew what they hear on the news (which generally originates from people like Luntz), and you have the direct cause for the state our political system is in. If you still don't believe it, well, you're one of the people I referred to in that last sentence. Even Luntz himself knows he's seriously damaged this country:

He also blames Obama, of course (what Republican doesn't?), but still sees that he's helped drive a huge wedge between Americans of different beliefs. He and the Republican personalities, that is:

If you still don't believe this, and continue down the path of blaming one party over another, you get what you deserve. Until we all come to realize that the politicians are just mouthpieces who care nothing about the common man, and we come together as a people to change things, we'll continue to get crapped on by these tools.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The truth about politics in this country

As we enter yet another never-ending political cycle, I'm reminded of a story I read in the New Yorker a while back that gave readers a window into who really runs this country: political consultants. The article is titled 'The Lie Factory', and does a pretty good job of lining up with the stories I hear on occasion from friends high up in DC:

Every voting American should read that and let it soak in. These companies are the ones who shape everything you're led to believe about a politician's stance, or what you're told about an opposing candidate. Anyone with half a brain, which is basically a very small portion of the U.S. population these days, realizes the most of the campaign ads you see are full of crap, but just who is it that's behind these lies, and how did we get here? Well, the above article gives you a pretty good window into both of those answers.

It's both amusing and sad to see just how many people buy in to that, especially on the conservative side. Who do you think is telling the talking heads on Fox News what to say? You guessed it, highly paid political consultants who know that a good chunk of the (largely ignorant) viewership will buy in to it without doing any real research on their own. You've all been sold a bill of goods by marketers, and many of you buy into it hook, line and sinker, just like you do with normal product advertising. Our politicians are (for the most part) wealthy, out of touch old men and women who don't give a rats ass about main street, even though the political consultants behind them try to make you believe they do.

So just who is it that's *really* destroying this country? Feel free to click each one and send them email thanking them for their "contribution" to the political shithole we all find ourselves in.


Additionally, check out who the largest political consulting firms were in the 2012 cycle:

So every time you regurgitate some BS like "Obamacare", "socialist", "teabagger", "socialized medicine", "drill, baby, drill"or any other ridiculous words/phrases you heard on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc, just remember, you've been sold a load of crap by some talking head who's reading words pushed by a political consultant. They know a good chunk of the voters are too lazy / dumb to realize this, so they continue to do it, making millions in the process.

Politicians aren't the root of the issue, political consultants are. Do something about it. Do your own homework on candidates. Stop repeating the crap you hear from these clueless talking heads. Heck, stop watching these 24 hour "news" channels at all.

Nothing will change unless we force them out of business and take the political process back, so stop being a part of the problem.